• Supporting Diversity

We are proud to promote diversity in the workforce across the industries in which we work.

Tackling the issue of diversity not only means rethinking recruitment practices but also looking at working practices: have our industries created unnecessary barriers for certain groups? Do the industries' cultures – or perceived cultures – deter potential entrants or worse, potential leaders?

It’s an issue that no one company can resolve alone, which is why we are keen to raise it not only in discussion with individual clients but also more broadly across our industries.

We have hosted a range of seminars including business breakfasts with senior executives from our industries to discuss diversity, and are increasingly being asked by clients to provide consultancy and best practice advice around how they can improve diversity at senior levels.

Gender diversity is particularly relevant, workforce profile data has repeatedly shown that women are under-represented, particularly at certain levels of the business. We are working to challenge this, by:

  • Working with our clients on diversity consulting
  • Working with children to tackle gender bias at a young age
  • Supporting disadvantaged women back into employment
  • Creating our own Women’s Forum within Granger Reis
  • Participating in group events and conferences celebrating women in business and our industries.

Continuing to address diversity, and particularly gender equality, is important to everyone in our business, each doing their part through the initiatives above. We would equally be keen to join groups and other business to create a united approach. If you would too, please get in touch via