• Supporting our industrie's future

Our core business is helping our clients gain the leaders they need to drive success today. However, for that success to be sustainable, we recognise the imperative of building the talent pool of tomorrow. It’s been widely documented that through the industries Granger Reis focus, 2020 there will be a large number of experienced talent exiting through retirement, leaving gaps in technical and managerial positions.

To help tackle this impending crisis, we work closely with universities and colleges around the world. We run events where students can meet prospective employers and learn more about careers across construction, transportation and industrial markets.

We are now extending our work to younger generations too, working with schools to promote careers in our industries. Over the next year, we will hold a series of events to showcase the range of roles that are needed and the amazing experiences and opportunities on offer. Our aim here is to encourage younger teenagers to choose subjects and educational pathways that could lead them into engineering related roles.