The problem with best practice - and how we solve it

We know that in order to provide our clients with the optimum experience and service that we aim to, we need to continually promote best practice and improvement within our organisation. But what is best practice in our profession?

In reality, it’s hard to define. There are lots of things that we would see as contributing to best practice, but unlike more process-oriented industries, there is a huge degree of subjectivity in executive search. Best practice is different for each of our clients – so our view is that we need to work with each client to understand what’s best for them.

We do this through an in-depth briefing procedure at the start of each assignment as well as our client experience reviews post assignment. Listening to each of our clients provides us with the valuable knowledge enabling us tailor our approach and adapt our service to the way in which they specifically would like to work. We know that being flexible for our clients is critical to enable us to deliver that optimum experience.

Our client experience review process allows us to tailor our approach to each client, however equally allows identification of trends across multiple different client reviews, which result in an internal analysis of a particular aspect of our process and service. By doing this we are confident that we are able continually to improve the way in which we operate, always putting clients at the heart of what we do.