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Diversity in our business: Granger Reis Women’s Forum is formed


As a business, we are increasingly being asked by our clients to support them improve the diversity of their workforce and ensure their recruitment and employment practices are truly representative. While we already have a diverse workforce, we nonetheless feel that Granger Reis should lead the way through our own approach and attitude towards diversity.

In June 2014, we therefore established a dedicated forum to connect all our female professionals. The forum aims to help women who work here to support each other in our professional and personal development.

The group will get together every 2-3 months to share insight and information, discuss challenges we are experiencing in our roles, and support one another.  In turn, this will help us understand how we can better represent ourselves, each other and fulfil our potential in our careers.

Our vision is to ensure Granger Reis provides an environment where all the women who work here can achieve their potential, truly believe in themselves, recognise their value and contribution to the business, and know that the business is 100% behind them throughout their careers.

In doing so, we can then honestly and confidently work with partners outside of Granger Reis to offer support to other women, support businesses striving to be better employers for women, and offer advice to the industry to improve its profile.

As well as supporting each other, we will also be supporting and joining relevant industry groups, to collaborate with other like-minded individuals and work towards a common goal, as well as choosing a charity to support. We are currently in conversation with a charity that we all are very keen to support, as it is particularly relevant to our skillset and the industry in which we work, as well as supporting women in industry. An update on how we plan to help this charity will hopefully follow in the next couple of weeks!