Search is the core of our business. Our team of highly experienced consultants, each with a wealth of knowledge of their industry sector, will work closely with you to identify outstanding candidates for your leadership roles.

That starts by understanding your organisation: its culture, structure and ambition. From there, we can not only understand your resourcing requirements, but also provide intelligent advice around them, identifying where appropriate alternative approaches that will serve to meet your goals faster or more effectively. We work with you to confirm essential skills and qualities for each assignment, and will advise you if we believe that relaxing certain requirements could help you access a wider talent pool.

We then draw on our extensive knowledge, personal networks and resources as part of an intensive research process, before carrying out in-depth face to face interviews with potential candidates.

From there, we create a shortlist of individuals to present to you – in the certainty that all will not only have the skills and experience you seek, but also the personality and behavioural characteristics to thrive within your organisational culture. We will then manage the interview and offer process, maintaining candidate contact throughout the on-boarding phase.

We appoint a dedicated, multi-skilled team of consultants, delivery associates and researchers to every project. To gain fresh insight and expand the talent pool, we work collaboratively across our industry practices, sharing recommendations from each others’ networks and identifying individuals with the talent and temperament to succeed in different sectors.

All approaches to prospective candidates are made with total discretion, and we keep in regular contact with you throughout the search. Through our client experience team we conduct a full client review with you at the end of each assignment – or with established clients, on a regular basis – to understand how we could improve our service. As our track record shows, it’s an approach that delivers the right outcomes, time after time.