• Energy & Industrial

Our Energy & Industrial practice provides specialist executive search and consultancy services to international clients in the following sectors:

•    Mining
•    Oil and gas
•    Power generation and distribution
•    Industrial equipment and manufacturing

We work internationally to find dynamic leaders, as well as working with clients on highly technical and specialist positions. We have significant global experience, working across the Americas, Australasia, Asia, Europe and Africa.

Understanding the demands of on-site roles

Many of these roles involve extensive work on-site, meaning that as well as technical expertise there are important cultural and social aspects to consider. We use behavioural profiling to help find individuals who not only offer relevant industry experience but an understanding of the complex and sometimes harsh working environments – meaning they’re ready to start making an impact from day one. Language skills may be key; we search internationally. We’re also able to act fast and discreetly, so can ensure you have a team available to go on-site immediately, to address drops in production or other local issues.

Building the next generation of leaders

As businesses in these sectors are only too aware, many of the most highly qualified and experienced professionals are approaching retirement or moving into senior management positions. Behind them, there is a notable leadership and talent gap.

Next generation leaders will have to adapt to increasing regulation, environmental pressures and more rigorous media scrutiny, as well as ever more aggressive competition for harder to reach resource – driving down margins. Our collaborative approach to executive search enables us to identify those with the right leadership skills from within and beyond the immediate sector, helping you build a senior management team that combines industry expertise with the ability to address emerging issues.

Broadening the search

While many posts in these sectors require highly specialist skills, our in-depth knowledge of the organisations, roles and requirements of your industry means we can identify where there is an opportunity to search in a wider talent pool.

That could mean we work with colleagues in other practices to pinpoint leaders with relevant, transferable skills. It may equally entail evaluating executives in one sector to consider their potential in another – such as oil and gas specialists for roles in the growing green energy sector. Here, technology-led businesses are now facing up to the challenge of becoming international players, demanding large-scale operational management capability.

As well as helping energy and industrial businesses find and benefit from the very best leadership talent, we also play an active role in encouraging future generations into the sector, working with schools and universities to promote the industries.

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