• Property & Construction

Our Property & Construction practice provides specialist executive search and consultancy services internationally for organisations across the entire property lifecycle. The clients that we support are both private and public sector organisations that range from: 

•    Investors
•    Clients/ End users
•    Consultants
•    Agents/ Advisors
•    Developers
•    Programme Managers
•    Contractors
•    Facilities Managers
•    Suppliers and Manufacturers

Addressing the construction skills shortage

For some years now, there has been talk of a global skills crisis in property and construction. Booming markets in the Middle East, China and India have all attracted leadership talent from around the world, promising prestigious projects and high levels of reward. This has served to exacerbate the challenges of aging workforce, which has seen large numbers of highly experienced leaders retire over a short period.

A further complicating factor has been the change in the financing environment in the aftermath of the global recession. The post-recession funding landscape has fundamentally changed, recently experiencing increased debt and equity options in the market. Equally, the construction and property markets have recently seen an increase in activity, resulting in accessing and retaining the best talent becoming particularly critical.

Together, these issues have made it harder than ever for companies in the sector to find inspirational and influential leaders that combine the correct blend of expertise and skill.

Our deep knowledge of the wider sector means we are uniquely equipped to help clients overcome this gap. We understand not only the technical skills required in different roles and project types, but also the cultural and personal attributes needed to succeed in different international settings.

Using our extensive networks, we take a global outlook to identify which of the next generation are ready to take on more senior roles, and ensure reward expectations are realistic. We can also provide relevant advice to help clients retain their existing talent.

Bringing new talent into the sector

Our consultants can work with you to determine the most effective way to add these new leadership skills and capabilities to your business. We not only use our own networks to identify talent from within your industry, in the UK and overseas, but work collaboratively with colleagues across our business to ensure we search from a wide, yet relevant talent pool. That might mean considering leaders from related sectors with proven expertise in a specialist field. In other cases, we have utilised our research focused approach to identify the best individuals across a broad range of industries. This has included investigating customer experience, health and safety, finance and marketing talent within the automotive and retail industries, to benefit our clients in property and construction.

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