• Specialist Industries

At Granger Reis we work in multiple industries that are naturally aligned, including:

•    Property & Construction
•    Transportation & Infrastructure
•    Energy & Industrial

This focus ensures we bring an unparalleled depth of market knowledge to every single assignment. All of our search consultants are able to draw upon:

1)    Extensive networks covering people in their sectors; understanding their strengths, skills and priorities at a level far beyond their public profile. 

2)    A broad knowledge of the key organisations in their industry and their distinct culture and pressures.

3)    An acute awareness of the common resourcing challenges our sectors are facing: where the skills shortages are most pressing, and where the succession plans are hardest to develop

Together, this deep and broad industry knowledge ensures we not only consistently identify high-calibre candidates to meet client requirements, but also that we can offer truly insightful market intelligence and resourcing solutions.