• Transportation & Infrastructure

Our Transportation & Infrastructure practice provides specialist executive search and consultancy services on a global scale across the following sectors:

•    Rail
•    Highways
•    Aviation 
•    Ports
•    Utilities

We work internationally to find the experienced and imaginative leaders our clients need to not only maintain and manage assets but to grow and evolve their business.

Adopting a service-led culture

Across the transportation and utilities sectors, there’s a clear shift from the historic engineering-led culture to a service-led one. While the specialist skills in asset delivery and engineering management remain integral, companies in these heavily regulated industries are experiencing a growing need for a greater diversity of leadership. Expertise in customer management, communications, service development and differentiation are all increasingly in demand.

Looking beyond the immediate talent pool

Companies in the sector must think more laterally about the roles of their leaders and where they can obtain the talent they need. It’s widely acknowledged that the traditional talent pool in each sub-sector is a relatively small one; our collaborative approach means that as well as identifying where there is a perfect fit from within your industry – nationally and internationally – we are also adept at pinpointing those whose skills and capabilities could traverse sectors.

That might mean bringing a proven leader in the aviation sector into rail, or vice versa; it could mean advising a water or power company to seek commercial and customer service experts from the mobile telecommunications industry, which has already addressed issues around service bundling and customer profiling.

Focusing on people, not paper

Critical to doing this successfully, is ensuring that leaders have the right personality to thrive in what may be a very different operational environment. As we focus on knowing the people, rather than just profiles on paper, and we take time to understand our clients’ culture. We have an exceptional track record of selecting executives that make a positive impact from day one – driving business performance and leading essential change.

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